200-250kW @ 1800rpm

M200C12 (200kw @ 1800 RPM)

M200C12 (200kw @ 1800 RPM)

Selection without compromise. If your job requires 200-plus killowatts of power, you are in no position to make compromises. Unreliable power production, or improperly loaded generator sets that lead to inefficiency and down time are poison to your business. Rely on the power production leaders at Northern Lights to keep your vessel running at peak performance.

Tough Lugger diesels. Built for continuous duty, many Lugger powered sets have logged over 30,000 hours without a rebuild. Check the features and you will see why: replaceable wet cylinder liners, liquid cooled turbos, cast-iron exhaust manifolds, plate oil coolers, cupronickel heat exchangers, gear driven seawater pumps. Rugged components built from the finest materials in a US EPA Tier II compliant package.

Simple to operate and maintain. Hoses, gaskets and belts have been minimized. Control panels keep you in touch with your set’s performance while safety shutdowns protect it. DC relays are used instead of printed circuit boards. Most service points are on a single side to simplify maintenance.

Electronic system profiler. “ESP” is a window to your set’s real time operating condition. The engine control unit (ECU) directs the electronic fuel injection and produces a stream of engine performance and diagnostic information that can be shown on an optional monitor.

Superior generator ends. The sea is no place for a stand-by generator. All Northern Lights have low 110°/50° temperature rise ratings, Class H epoxy insulation and ±1.5% voltage regulation.

Complete options list. Each option is designed to integrate into a total power system specifically designed for your vessel. Consider a high power PTO that can supply up to 149 HP of hydraulic power at a touch of a button.

Total unit load testing. Complete load testing is done with all accessories installed. Testing is just one of the quality controls that supports your decision to choose the state of the art in power generator set for your workboat.

High resale value. Northern Lights’ quality reputation is a big plus when you sell your vessel. Buyers will know you cared enough to install the industry’s best equipment.

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