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The following dealer list is organized alphabetically by city. Code letters to the left of each dealer's name indicate the product lines for which that particular dealer is authorized. To locate a dealer in another geographic territory, select a state in the pull down menu above.



Northern Lights Distributor

15, Avenue Thiers

Antibes, France 06600

Phone: 33-493-34-9083
Fax: 33-493-34-5264
E-Mail: info@navigair.com
Back to the top Web: http://www.navigair.com
Bormes Les Mimosas

Quai D'Honnuer - Le Port

Bormes Les Mimosas, France 83230

Phone: 33-494-64-7200
Fax: 33-494-64-7199
  E-Mail: philippe@techplaisance.com
Back to the top Web: http://www.techplaisance.com
Canet En Roussillon

Yachting Spirit

Zone Technique Du Port

Canet En Roussillon, France 66140

Phone: 33-468-84-2034
Fax: 33-468-84-5593
  E-Mail: tanguy@yachting-spirit.fr
Back to the top Web: http://www.yachting-spirit.fr
La Ciotat
Electric Yacht Equipment

46 Quai Mitterand

La Ciotat, France 13600

Phone: 33-442-83-1372
Fax: 33-442-83-2698
  E-Mail: info@eye-yacht.com
Back to the top Web: http://www.eye-yacht.com
La Ciotat
Navigair (Service Center)

11, Rue de la Praderie

06150 Cannes La Bocca, France

Phone: 33-493-34-9050
Fax: 33-493-34-5264
Back to the top Web: http://www.navigair.com
La Ciotat
Navigair (Service Center)

46, Quai Francois Mitterrand

13600 La Ciotat

Phone: 33-442-83-5706
Fax: 33-445-83-3647
E-Mail: service@navigair.com


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La Rochelle
Nautic Elec

28 Rue De La Desiree

La Rochelle, France 17000

Phone: 33-546-52-2301
Fax: 33-546-42-1255
Back to the top E-mail: nautic-elec@wanadoo.fr
Port Camargue

Zone Technique No. 1

Port Camargue, France 30240

Phone: 33-466-53-4431
Mobile: 33-661-61-6198
Fax: 33-466-53-4432
Back to the top E-Mail atef30@sfr.fr
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