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The following dealer list is organized alphabetically by city. Code letters to the left of each dealer's name indicate the product lines for which that particular dealer is authorized. To locate a dealer in another geographic territory, select a state in the pull down menu above.



In Germany, contact
Northern Lights Representative
Koen Maronier
Vuurtoremweg 16
Lemmer, Netherlands 8531HJ
Phone: +31-514-533825
Fax: +31-514-533528
Web: www.marpower.nl
Back to the top E-Mail: kmaronier@northern-lights.com
Schenefeld, Germany

Sailtec GmbH

Hasslebinnen 29

22869 Schenefeld, Germany

Phone: +49-408-229940
Fax: +49-408-304279
Web:  www.sailtec.de
Back to the top E-Mail: info@sailtec.de
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