The power production experts at Northern Lights know that smooth, quiet generator operation is essential. To help ensure your life on-board runs smoothly, we are proud to present a line of super attenuated sound enclosures worthy of the name Northern Lights.

Northern Lights sound enclosures deliver minimal vibration and all-frequency noise absorption.
Constant improvement is a Northern Lights hallmark- our updated base frame and sound enclosure package results in significant noise reduction, and an overall size reduction of up to 31 percent! For even greater attenuation, add our optional compound mounts.

No detail has been overlooked in engineering these enclosures to optimal sound attenuation. Internal ducting maximizes attenuation without restricting airflow. The ventilation openings in the panels have been off set to eliminate the line of sight, helping to keep your engine room quiet.

Our sound enclosures are designed to allow easy access to the simple, single-side serviceability of Northern Lights generator sets. Northern Lights sound enclosures feature six stainless steel paddle latches for quick access to your generator set. Disassembly
of the enclosure is never required for routine service and maintenance. Engineers and technicians will also appreciate how easy the enclosures are to install – less time is required for installation which saves on overall expenses.

A Northern Lights super attenuated sound enclosure is a terrific investment. They improve noise, performance and aesthetics while complementing the state of the art in power production. At Northern Lights, superior engineering and careful craftsmanship
are the standard features.