The NL673L3 Land Based Generator .
6 kW @60 Hz / 1800 rpm | 5 kW 50 Hz / 1500 rpm


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The 6 kW NL673L3 is clean, small, and light. At less than 33 inches long, it will fit easily into your power shed or utility truck. And at 368 pounds, it can be moved between job sites without a trailer.

But don't compare this 1800 rpm workhorse to those light-duty 3600 rpm gas and diesel sets you've seen and heard. Size and weight were trimmed, not quality.

Meets US EPA Tier IV emission standards for a cleaner environment.
The built-in muffler reduces exhaust noise so well that an additional muffler is often not needed. Simplifies installation too.

Instead of running a single or twin, the NL673L3 has a smooth three-cylinder diesel. It is so quiet, the built-in muffler is all you'll need.

Easy to install, maintain, and operate, the NL673L3 comes with a self-venting fuel system, mounted control panel, safety shutdowns, and complete manuals. All you do is hook up a battery, fuel and power leads. Then hit the start button. Out flows clean AC power that only a set with an automatic voltage regulator can produce. This AVR is powered by a special winding for better electric motor starting.

Best of all, the NL673L3 does all of this on a little over a half gallon of fuel per hour at full load. You'll save fuel dollars and frequent fill ups. Remember also that diesel fuel is safer to handle and store than gasoline.

The NL673L3 meets US EPA Tier IV emission standards, ensuring clean, quiet operation and long-term usage.  A fan guard, radiator shroud, and 30-amp AC circuit breaker protect the operator. Safety shutdowns protect your investment against high coolant temperature and low oil pressure problems.

The NL673L3: standard or fully customized, this is the smallest "big set" on the prime power and standby market.



Cylinders:: 3 inline
Bore: 2.64 in (67 mm)
Stroke: 2.83 in (72 mm)
Displacement: 46.4 cid (0.76 ltr)
Fuel System: Mechanical
Aspiration: Natural
Length: 32.8 in (834 mm)
Width: 15.4 in (390 mm)
Height: 25.6 in (651 mm)
Weight: 374 lbs (169 kg)
Information, specifications, materials and dimensions subject to change without notice.
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