NL944D3: 28/24 kW


Direct injected and naturally aspirated, the NL944D3 meets US EPA Tier III emission
standard with a clean-burn design that cuts  fuel use. At full load, the NL944D3 uses only
minimal gallons of diesel per hour. Smoke and noise signatures are also significantly lowered.
The NL944D3 is equipped with a ruggedly reliable generator end. It’s automatic voltage
regulator is powered by dedicated AC winding for true 300% short circuit protection and quick +/- 1% RMS no load to full load capability.
Other features for long life and utility abound: high air fl ow comes from a large radiator with an easy access fi ll. A steel shroud protects radiator and operator. Most service points are thoughtfully aligned on a common side, making standard maintenance a breeze and permitting fl exibility in installation.
The generator set is constructed right onto the base frame with fuel lines routed to
the base for easy installation. Vibration installation mounts provide for smooth and
quiet operation.
Like all Northern Lights models, the NL944D3 is easily customizable. From control panels to enclosures, trailers and a wide range of pre-engineered options, your Northern Lights dealer can help turn your generator set into a one of a kind power solution best suited to  your needs.


NL944D3 Specifications
60 Hz / 1800 rpm:28 kW
50 Hz / 1500 rpm:24 kW
Cylinders:4 inline
Bore:3.7 in (94 mm)
Stroke:4.7 in (120 mm)
Displacement:203 cid (3.33 ltr)
Fuel Systems:Mechanical
Length:64.8 in (1647 mm)
Width:25.6 in (650 mm)
Height:35.8 in (910 mm)
Weight:1316 lbs (600 kg)
Information, specifications, materials and dimensions subject to change without notice.
US EPA Tier 3 Certified Units are available globally.

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