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Below is a list of Northern Lights / Lugger manuals. Each manual can be downloaded as a PDF and printed on your printer. If you would like to order a hardcopy, click on the "request hardcopy" line and fill out the Literature Request form. There will be a printing / shipping fee that is specified in the Literature Request form.


Operator's Manuals:
OM673 For models: M673M, D, L

OM673L2 For models: M673L2 and M673LD2

OM673L3 For models: M673L3 and M673LD3

ONL673L4 For models: NL673L4

ONL673 For models: NL673K, NL673L, NL673L2, NL673L3

ONL673L For models: NL673L

O753K For models: M753K and NL753K

OM753W2 For models: M753W2

ONL753W2 For models: NL753W2

OM773LK For models: M773LK
OM773LKsp Spanish translation

OM773LW2 For models: M773LW2

OM773LW3 For models: NL844L3.1MS1

OM-C3 For models: M65C13 and M99C13

ONL382 For models: NL382W and NL382K

O843K For models: M843JK, M843NK, NL843NK

OM843NW2 For models: M843NW2

OM843NW3 For models: M843W3

O844K For models: M844K

OM844K2 For models: M844K2, M844LK2 and M20CR2

OM844W2 For models: M844W2, M844LW2 and M20CRW2

OM844W3 For models: M844W3, M844LW3 and M20CRW3

ONL773LW4 For models: NL773LW4

ONL773LW3 For models: NL773LW3

ONL843N2SATS For models: NL843N2 and NL843NW2

ONL843NW2 For models: NL843NW2

ONL843NW3 For models: NL843NW3

ONL843NW4 For models: NL843NW4

ONL844W2 For models: NL844W2 and NL844LW2

ONL844W3 For models: NL844W3 and NL844LW3

ONL844L3MS For model: NL844L3.1MS1

OM864K For models: M864K

OM864W For models: M864W

ONL488-2 For models: NL488K2 and NL488W2

ONL498-2 For models: NL498K2 and NL498D2

OM944W For models: M944W

OM944W3 For models: M944W3 and M30CW3

OM944T For models: M944T & M38CR2

ONL944 For models: NL944D2, NL944D3, NL944T2, NL944T3

OM984K For models: M984K

OM984W For models: M984W

OM2-2 For models: M1064A, D, T1, T2 / M1066A1, A2, A3, T / M40C2, M55C2, M65C2, M99C2
OM2-2 wiring diagrams Supplemental Pages for the oversized wiring diagrams

OM2-2R For models: M1064T2MCA & M1066TCMA

ONL2-2 For models: NL1064 and NL1066 Series
ONL2-2 wiring diagrams Supplemental Pages for the oversized wiring diagrams

ONL2-4 For models: NL1064H2 and NL1066H4

ONL2-4 wiring diagrams

Supplemental Pages for the oversized wiring diagrams

OM2-4 For models: M1064H and M1066H
OM2-4wiring diagrams Supplemental Pages for the wiring diagrams

OM200C12 For models: M200C12

OM175C2 For models: M175C2

OM1276 For models: M1276A1 and M1276A2
OM1276 wiring diagrams Supplemental Pages for the wiring diagrams

OL844 For models: L844D

OL944D For models: L944D

O6125 For models: M6125 and L6125

O6140 For models: M6140 and L6140

O6170 For models: M6170 and L6170

OL2-2 For models: L1064D, A / L1066T, A
OL2-2 wiringdiagrams Supplemental Pages for the oversized wiring diagrams

OL2-4 For models: L1066H
OL2-4 wiringdiagrams Supplemental Pages for the oversized wiring diagrams

OL1276 For models: L1276A
OL1276 wiringdiagrams Supplemental Pages for the oversized wiring diagrams

OL6125 For models: L6125H

OMCLEANSEP For Cleansep Filtration Systems

Parts Manuals:
P643 For models: M643, M643K, M643M, & NL643

P668PT For models: LP668D, LP668T, MP668D, MP668T, MP668QT, MP668H, MP80C, NL668T1, NL668T2

P673 For models: M673D and NL673D

P673L For models: M673L and NL673L

P673-2 For models: M673L2, M673L3, M673LD2, M673LD3, NL673L3 and NL673L2

P65C13 For models: M65C13

P753K For models: M753K, NL753K, M753W & NL753W

P753-2 For models: M753W2 and NL753W2

P773LK For models: M773LK

P773-2 For models: M773LW2

P773-3 For models: M773LW3 and NL773LW3

P773-4 For model: NL773LW4E

P378 For models: NL378K

P843K For models: M843NK, NL843NK, M843JK, & NL843JK

P843-2 For models: M843NW2 and NL843NW2

P843-3 For models: M843NW3 and NL843NW3

P843-4 For models: NL843NW4

P445PT For models: LP445D, LP445T, MP445D, MP445T, MP445H, MP40C, MP55C, MP65C, NL455D1, NL445T1, and NL445T2

P484 For models: NL484

P488 For models: NL488

P488-2 For models: NL488K2 and NL488W2

P498 For models: NL498K

P498-2 For models: NL498D2

P844K For models: M844K, M844LK, NL844K, NL844LK, M16C, M20CL & M20CR

P844-2 For models: L844D, M844K2, W2, LK2, LW2, NL844K2, LK2, W2, LW2 M20CR& M20CRW2

P844-3 For models: L844D, M844W3, M844LW3, NL844W3, NL844LW3 & M20CRW3

P864 For models: M864K, M864W & M864W3

P99C13 For models: M99C13

P944 For models: L944D, M944W, NL944D2, M30CW, M944T, NL944T2 and M38CR2

P944-3 For models: M944W3, M30CW3, NL944D3, NL944T3

P984 For models: M984K ,NL984, L984, M30C, M33C, M984W & M33CW

P498K For models: NL498K

P1064 For models: L1064D, L1064A, M1064D, M1064T1, M1064T2, M1064A, M1064H, NL1064T1, NL1064D,NL1064T2, NL1064H1, NL1064H2, M40C2, M55C2, & M65C2

P1066 For models: L1066T, L1066A, L1066H, M1066T, M1066A1, M1066A2, M1066A3, M1066H, NL1066T, NL1066H1, NL1066H2, NL1066H3, NL1066H4, M1066TMCA & M99C2

P6108 For models: M6108, LC6108 and M6108

P6125 For models: M6125 and L6125

P6140 For models: L6140A, L6140AL, L6140AL2, & M6140AL

P6170 For models: M6170A and L6170A

P1276 For models: L1276, M1276 & NL1276

P8.1 For models: L1166A, MP150C, M175C2, M1166AMCA & NL1166H

Generator Ends:

OBCH018 Newage / Stamford

OPX300K1 PX300K Series

OUCH027 Newage / Stamford

OPX300K2 PX300K2

SB504 Magna Plus

Voltage Regulators:
AVC63-12 Voltage Regulator Manual

OAPM2000 Basler

OAPR63-5 Basler

OSX460 Newage / Stamford

OPV-02124N Murphy Power View

OGSC300 Autostart Engine Controller

OGSC400 Autostart Engine Controller


WaveNet Digital Monitoring System General Installation & Owners Manual
foldout, OWN-GEN

OWN-ADV WaveNet Digital Monitoring System Advanced Installation & Owners Manual
foldout, Page 69, OWN-ADV

Installation Manuals :
IM1000 Installation manual for Marine Gen Sets

Technical Manuals :
S100 Power Generation

Workshop Manuals :
Workshop Manuals are available through your local dealer. Find a dealer in your area

Assembly Manuals:
L612 Sound Shield Assembly for models M673D, M673L

L613 Sound Shield Assembly for models M753W, M773LW, M773LW

L616 Sound Shield Assembly for models M864W

L615 Sound Shield Assembly for models M844W, M844LW

L614 Sound Shield Assembly for models M843NW3

L751 Sound Shield Assembly for models M944W3

L737 Sound Shield Assembly for models M944T

L695 Sound Shield Assembly for models M944W

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