The L1276A2 Lugger Marine Propulsion Engines:  
High Output: 575 HP @ 2100 RPM
Medium Duty: 425 HP @ 2100 RPM | Continuous Duty: 340 HP @ 1800


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High rpm, high performance throw-away diesels have their place in planing pleasure craft that rarely get too far from the local yacht club. But why put one of these engines, even a derated version, in your commercial boat or long range cruising yacht? These vessels need a real, heavy duty diesel that produces high, prop twisting torque at a rational rpm. They need a conservatively rated engine with long life features like the L1276A2.

Initially designed for Alaskan fishermen, Luggers have always been dependable. Used as prime movers on Northern Lights marine generator sets, they are well known by commercial and pleasure craft owners for long life and smooth, quiet operation. Today, electronic fuel injected engines like this L1276A2 are adding US EPA Tier II compliance to Lugger’s reputation for reliability, simplicity and durability.

The L1276A2 has a heavy-duty, overhead cam tractor block. This high torque design provides a strong foundation; but a marine engine is only as good as its marinization. The materials used must be strong. The design must be clean. Look at the photo below. Note the lack of hoses, belts, gaskets and welded cooling components. The liquid-cooled exhaust manifold is cast iron to withstand temperature fluctuations and resist electrolysis. Unlike some engines that only use bypass water, the 1276 manifold is integrated into the cooling system mainstream, and two-pass water flow assures even temperature control and eliminates hot spots. The piping is stainless steel or bronze as is the gear driven raw water pump. The heat exchangers for the engine and gear have cupro-nickel elements.

Light-duty, small-displacement diesels are rated at speeds up to 3000 rpm. This means high piston speeds, more wear and short life.

The 1276’s power comes from its big 766 cubic inch displacement and long stroke design. Max rpm is only 2100. Cruise RPM is 1800 for the continuous rating or 1900 for medium and high output. Lower rpm also means less noise and wear, more complete fuel combustion and longer life.

Lugger cylinder liners are surrounded by coolant for better heat dissipation. The liners are replaceable to reduce overhaul costs. Unlike “linerless” throwaways, a Lugger can be rebuilt to factory specs in the boat.

The turbocharger is liquid-cooled for safety. The aftercooler uses jacket water so the intake air temp is controlled thermostatically to avoid over cooling. Over cooling can cause incomplete combustion and smoke.

ECU controlled, direct fuel injection, four valves per cylinder, centered unit injectors and precise fuel metering all add up to excellent fuel economy.

Low rpm Lugger engines are naturally quiet. No high rpm whine. Just a steady rhythm. A special silencer-filter reduces air intake noise. Quiet and smooth; 1276’s torsional dampener decreases engine vibration.

Easy to maintain too. Service points are on one side for easy access. The in-line design gives you elbow room in the engine space.

The full line of options and accessories lets you design an engine that is custom built to match your vessel’s needs. With an optional front power-take-off your Lugger can power your vessel’s hydraulic auxiliary systems. It’s more than an engine, your L1276 is a total marine power system.





High Output: 525 HP @ 2100 rpm
Medium Output 425 HP @ 2100 rpm
Continuous Output: 340 HP @ 1800 rpm
Cylinders:: 6 inline
Bore: 5.0 in (127 mm)
Stroke: 6.5 in (165mm)
Displacement: 766 cid (12.5 ltr)
Fuel System: Electronic unit inj.
Aspiration: Turbo & Aftercooled
SAE Housing: #2 std (#1 opt)
Length: 69.9 in (1776 mm)
Width: 36.5 in (927 mm)
Height: 46.0 in (1169 mm)

K.C.:3093 lbs(1405 kg)

H.E.:3210lbs (1456kg)

Information, specifications, materials and dimensions subject to change without notice.



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