The L6125H Lugger Marine Propulsion Engine:  
High Output: 470 HP @ 2300 RPM | Medium Duty: 440 HP @ 2200 RPM | Continuous Duty: 350 HP @ 1800 RPM


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Toughness and technology come together in an ocean-ready diesel propulsion engine with Northern Lights’ state-of-the-art features - the Lugger L6125H.

Based on a heavy-duty off-road engine block, the L6125H is designed and built for the unforgiving marine environment. The L6125H cranks 470 Horsepower (high output) at 2300 RPM. Keeping revolutions low minimizes wear and tear, as does the attractive power-to-weight ratio of 6.1 lbs/HP and the engine’s impressive torque rise.

The anvil-tough four-cycle, in-line six cylinder L6125H displaces 674 cid, but fits in a footprint suited to most engine rooms making it a strong re-power candidate. The liquid-cooled turbocharger maximizes the engine’s power potential while ensuring operator safety.

Lugger by Northern Lights is the brand trusted by the world’s most demanding boat builders. Lugger’s custom marinization features are designed for long-life and high-performance, with no sacrifice to onboard comfort or fuel economy. Cast iron exhaust manifold, cupro-nickel heat exchanger with removable end covers, individual cylinder heads: all the trademarks of Lugger’s world class engineering are present in this remarkably small and light-weight package.

Designed for clean, efficient use, the L6125H features an industry-renowned high pressure common rail (HPCR) fuel delivery system.

Ease of maintenance has been a Lugger hallmark for over fifty years. All service points are on a common, easily accessed side. Belts and hoses are minimized. If it isn’t there - it can’t break. Replaceable wet liners allow in-boat rebuilds. Durable, white polyurethane paint increases visibility and cleans easily. All this amounts to less time on maintenance and more time on the water.

You can take power off the front end of your L6125H with an optional electric clutch, pump mount PTO - ideal for powering your hydraulic system.

All Luggers are dyno tested after marinization, then tested again upon installation of transmission. Luggers are backed by a three year limited warranty, with no hour limits in the first year; making the L6125H the best built, best backed and most easily serviced propulsion system on the market.


High Output: 470 HP @ 2300 rpm
Medium Output 440 HP @ 2200 rpm
Continuous Output 350 HP @ 1800 rpm
Cylinders 6 inline
Bore: 4.92 in (125 mm)
Stroke: 5.91 in (150mm)
Displacement: 674 cid (11 ltr)
Fuel System: HPCR
Aspiration: Turbo & Aftercooled
SAE Housing: #1
Length: 69 in (1750 mm)
Width: 33 in (840 mm)
Height: 45 in (1143 mm)


H.E.2867 lbs (1300kg)

Information, specifications, materials and dimensions subject to change without notice.
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