The L1064D Lugger Marine Propulsion Engine:  
High Output: 67 HP @ 2500 RPM


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A commercial heritage
Initially designed for Alaskan fisherman, Luggers are well known by commercial and pleasure craft operators for their long life and smooth, quiet operation.

Natural or turbo-aftercooled.
The L1064D is a time tested diesel with natural aspiration and a proven mechanical fuel injection system. Producing 0.24 to 0.29 FWHP per cubic inch, it is built for the vessel owner who wants an engine that operates under the lowest stress possible. This makes it the ultimate main or wing engine for long range, full displacement vessels.

The L1064D has a liquid cooled turbocharger, aftercooler and electronic fuel injection. Together they increase the power up to 140 HP at a low 2400 RPM. More power, but still it has a conservative 0.42-0.51 FWHP to CID ratio. This makes it the right engine for semi-displacement trawlers and small work boats. It is US EPA Tier II compliant with an in-line design that makes it the perfect repower engine for older in-line six cylinder engines.

Ironclad marinization.
The Lugger 1064 (106 mm bore-4 cylinder), 4.5 liter, diesels have heavy-duty tractor blocks. This high torque design provides a strong foundation; but a marine engine is only as good as its marinization. A Lugger’s marinization is cast iron tough. The expansion tank and liquid-cooled exhaust manifold are cast iron. Some engines only use bypass water to cool their manifolds. Lugger integrates the two pass manifold into the cooling system main stream to assure even temperature control and to eliminate hot spots that can stress metal components.

Low RPM horses vs. Paper ponies.
Light-duty, small-displacement diesels operate at speeds up to 4200 rpm. This means high piston speed and short life. Lugger power comes from cubic inch displacement and long stroke design. With a maximum rpm of only 2400 or 2500 and a recommended cruise of 200 rpm less, a higher percentage of the available horsepower is usable. Lower RPM also means less noise and wear, more complete fuel combustion and longer life.

Wet liners protect your investment.
Lugger cylinder liners are surrounded by coolant for better heat dissipation. The liners are replaceable to reduce overhaul costs. Unlike “linerless” throwaways, a Lugger can be rebuilt in the boat



Easy to live with.
Low RPM Luggers are naturally quiet. No high RPM whine. Just a steady rhythm. A special silencer-filter reduces air intake noise. The cast rocker arm cover reduces valve noise and traps crankcase oil vapors to keep your engine room clean. 1064s have two counter-rotating balancing shafts to provide smooth operation.

Lower operating costs.
Direct injection, long stroke and precise fuel metering all add up to excellent fuel economy.

If it's not there, it can’t break.
That’s why the pipes, hoses, belts and gaskets that cause problems on other engines have been engineered away. This makes Luggers easy to maintain too. Service points are on one side for easy access and the in-line design gives you elbow room in the engine room.

Take power from both ends.
The full line of options and accessories lets you design an engine that is custom built to match your vessel’s needs. With an optional front power-take-off your Lugger can power your vessel’s hydraulic auxiliary systems. It’s more than an engine, your L1064 is a total marine power system.

Thorough testing.
Every Lugger engine is thoroughly tested and quality controlled before it leaves our factory, to ensure the reliability, durability and quality Luggers are known for.


Cylinders:: 4 inline
Bore: 4.19 in (106 mm)
Stroke: 5.0 in (127mm)
Displacement: 276 cid (4.5 ltr)
Fuel System: Mechanical
Aspiration: Natural
SAE Housing: #4
Length: 43.3 in (1093 mm)
Width: 27.7 in (704 mm)
Height: 35.9 in (913 mm)

K.C.: 1070 lbs (485 kg)

H.E..: 1100 lbs (499 kg)

Information, specifications, materials and dimensions subject to change without notice.
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