The L6140AL2 Lugger Marine Propulsion Engine:  
High Output: 140 HP @ 2500 RPM | Medium Duty: 125 HP @ 2500 RPM | Continuous Duty: 115 HP @ 2300 RPM


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Long life for any marine use.
Whatever your marine use; workboat, fishboat or yacht, an investment in Lugger diesel technology pays high dividends of performance, reliability, long life and lower operating costs.
We begin with a specially prepared Komatsu engine block built for large construction equipment with heavy-duty features you won’t find in ordinary truck diesels. Features that pay off in big savings over the engine’s lifetime. On this strong foundation, we build a marine diesel that has proven itself in rugged commercial service and world cruising yachts.

More goes in, so you can take more out.
The 6140AL2 produces 700 Horsepower at only 2100 rpm and a maximum torque of 2187 foot pounds. It takes thorough engineering and the best components to attain this level of performance without sacrificing life cycle, onboard comfort or operational economy. A complete list of features start on the next page. Take special note of the: Individual 4 valve cylinder heads. High pressure fuel injection system. Jacket-water cooling system that thermostatically controls the temperature of oil, intake air, turbocharger, exhaust manifold and internal components yet is clean and simple with no belts and few hoses. Component materials; bronze, stainless steel, cast iron, cupro-nickel and marine aluminum castings. Each chosen, not for its price, but on its ability to do the job and survive under continuous duty.

High power, low weight, more boat speed.

Always important to sport fishermen, boat speed has now become critical to most commercial operators. The 6140’s higher power-to-weight ratio gives you the power you need without dragging down your vessel with excessive weight, making your vessel lighter and faster.

Get specific about fuel.
Since fuel is your largest operational expense, it makes sense to reduce it as much as possible. Brake specific fuel consumption (BSFC) is a measurement of the weight of fuel an engine burns to produce one horsepower for one hour. The 6140’s BSFC goes as low a 0.331 lbs/hp/hr! Compare its BSFC with any engine in its class.
Keeps engine room in-line.
Extremely compact for its displacement and power, the 6140 fits in tight engine rooms. Unlike wall-to-wall V-8s, its in-line design with single exhaust and unit mounted expansion tank, make installation simple. Twin engine vessels are twice blessed.

A mechanic’s dream.
The 6140 is easy to service. All service points are on one side within easy reach. The in-line design leaves room to move around the engine. Individual heads, replaceable wet-cylinder liners, fewer hoses and belts, and clean design simplify service. Since the engine only has six cylinders, instead of eight or ten, it has fewer parts to wear out and replace. All this means less time and money spent on repairs.

Electric clutch PTO for power out both ends.
You can take up to 1000 ft-lbs of power off the front of the 6140 with an electric clutch PTO (power take off). There is also a 20 hp hydraulic pump mount pad and another accessory drive. Use them to run hydraulics, power steering pumps, alternators, water pumps or other hydraulic auxiliary systems.

Tested, tested, tested.

After the engine is built to your specification, it is dyno tested. Then the gear is installed and it’s run again. This is just part of Lugger’s quality control program. When the engine is delivered it is ready to go to work.



High Output: 140 HP @ 2500 rpm
Medium Output 1250 HP @ 2500 rpm
Continuous Output: 115 HP @ 2300 rpm
Cylinders:: 4 inline
Bore: 4.19 in (106 mm)
Stroke: 5.0 (127 mm)
Displacement: 276 cid (4.5 ltr)
Fuel System: Electronic DE10
Aspiration: Turbo & Aftercooled
Length: 45.0 in (1143 mm)
Width: 29.4 in (747 mm)
Height: 35.9 in (913 mm)

KC: n/a

HE: 1250 lbs (567 kg)

Information, specifications, materials and dimensions subject to change without notice.
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