The L6170A Lugger Marine Propulsion Engine:  
High Output: 900 HP @ 2100 RPM | Medium Duty: 800 HP @ 2000 RPM | Continuous Duty: 700 HP @ 1800 RPM


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The L6170A combines traditional reliability with tomorrow’s technology.
For years, men who work on the water have relied on big, in-line, six cylinder diesels like the Lugger 6170A. A big bore, high torque 23 liter engine that will work day and night without complaint.
Unlike the small bore, high speed V8-10-12 engines from some manufacturers, the 6170A embodies the original diesel philosophy of long life, safety, total dependability and low life-cycle costs. The longer it runs the more you save.
Its values may be old fashioned, but not its design. Based on an industrial duty block from Komatsu, a world leader in engine technology, the L6170A incorporates advanced features you won’t find on any other engine.

Put more technology in...
Features that maximize life and increase efficiency such as: Nodular iron pistons with dual circuit oil spray cooling. Individual, four valve cylinder heads. Replaceable wet cylinder liners. Liquid cooled turbocharger. Jacket water aftercoolers. Mechanical variable timing fuel injection. Dual fuel and oil filters. Coolant filter/conditioner. Optional front PTO (power take off) with an electric clutch. We put more in and then we...

Take less power out.
Continuously rated at 700 horsepower, the L6170A gives the tug boat operator 2086 foot pounds of barge shoving torque at 1500 rpm. With a conservative hp/cid ratio of 0.5:1, it works without straining. Its 900 horsepower high output rating is only 29% above the continuous duty rating. This is an engine rated for the long haul, not stretched for the short run.

Cut your fuel costs.

The L6170A’s performance comes from superior engineering and proven mechanical operation. So does its remarkable fuel economy. With a specific fuel consumption rate going as low as 0.331 lbs/hp/hr, the L6170A will lower your operating costs and extend your vessel’s working range. Compare the fuel curves on the back cover with any engine in its class. Then calculate the money an L6170A will save you on fuel bills.

Compact, in-line size.
The L6170A is under 43 inches wide. Unlike wall-to-wall Vees, it gives you an engine room with elbow room. Easy to install too; with one exhaust and one cooling circuit.
Electric clutch PTO for power out both ends.
With an optional front PTO, your Lugger can power vessel’s bow thrusters, alternators and other auxiliary equipment. It’s more than an engine, it’s a total marine power system.



Easy to service.
Clean design eliminates trouble spots. Hoses, belts, rubber impellers and electronic gadgets have been engineered away. What’s left is accessible and easy to maintain. Individual heads, wet liners and oil pan access doors allow one cylinder to be rebuilt without disturbing the rest. Per-hole parts costs are very competitive. And rebuilds are less painful since it has 6 cylinders instead of 8 or 12.

Clean, quiet operation.

Internal oil lines and close tolerance machining eliminate oil leaks. Low load smoke is cut by “clean-burn” combustion design and jacket water aftercooling. Four cycle operation and vibration attenuation features make it quiet and smooth. In the engine room or on deck, the L6170A is easy to live with.

Tested, tested, tested.
First the engine is dyno tested after marinization. Then the reverse gear is installed and it’s run again. This testing is part of Lugger’s standard quality control program.

High Output: 900 HP @ 2100 rpm
Medium Output 800 HP @ 2000 rpm
Continuous Output: 700 HP @ 1800 rpm
Cylinders:: 6 inline
Bore: 6.69 in (170 mm)
Stroke: 6.69 in (170 mm)
Displacement: 1413 cid (23.15 ltr)
Fuel System: HPCR
Aspiration: Mechanical
Length: 75.6 in (1919 mm)
Width: 47.0 in (1194 mm)
Height: 60.2 in (1529 mm)

KC 5525 lbs (2505 kg)

HE 5725 lbs (2596 kg)

Information, specifications, materials and dimensions subject to change without notice.
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