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New Technicold™ By Northern Lights Web Site
Launched at 2014 Miami International Boat Show

MIAMI BEACH, FLORIDA, FEBRUARY 13, 2014 (USA) – At the opening of the 2014 Miami International Boat Show today, Technicold™ by Northern Lights, a leading manufacturer of marine heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration systems, announced the launch of a new web site at has been updated to provide the instant access, information and life style content that marine customers want in an easy to navigate format, applicable to desktop, tablet and handheld devices.

“Technicold’s line of products set the industry standard in technology, quality and corporate response,” said Technicold by Northern Lights Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Colin Puckett. “Our new web site reflects these values. We have made every effort to ensure an online experience that encompasses the clear, comfortable solutions that Technicold systems provide,” he added.

A few of the features that have been upgraded on the new
 Searchable content – find the Technicold system best suited for any vessel, either by product type and application.
 Technicold 101 – learn the basics of at‐sea climate control to make an informed decision about the choice in HVACR.
 Tech support – Product literature, drawings and manuals available for instant download.
 Contact – Dealers, product experts, corporate officers; provides unmatched access to the information Technicold clients require.

For more information about Technicold by Northern Lights, visit

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Northern Lights To Introduce EPA Tier 3 Compliant Genset
At 2014 Miami International Boat Show
Booth P100, Miami Beach Convention Center, February 13‐17

The sound enclosure on the new Northern Lights M944T3 genset on display at the 2014
Miami International Boat Show will feature a specially‐commissioned graphic
from internationally renowned marine artist Steve Goione.


SEATTLE, WASHINGTON (USA) – Northern Lights will introduce the new M944T3 EPA Tier 3 generator (40kW @ 1800 RPM) at the 2014 Miami International Boat Show, February 13‐17 at the Miami Beach Convention Center (booth P100).

The new genset brings full US EPA Tier 3 compliance at 1,400 fewer pounds and over 50% less overall volume than a similarly equipped model of the previous generation. Ideal for any application requiring 40 kilowatts of clean, customized power, the power density of the M944T3 will be especially attractive to vessels needing heavy‐duty power in a compact package.

The sound enclosure on the M944T3 on display at the Miami Show (show above) will feature a specially‐commissioned graphic from internationally renowned marine artist Steve Goione.

“The M944T3 represents the state of the art in power generation,” said Northern Lights Vice President of Sales and Marketing Colin Puckett. “Our engineering team has created a truly remarkable machine and we are thrilled to partner with Steve Goione to show how we can add both aesthetic and technical flair to a vessel,” he added.

Like all Northern Lights products, the M944T3 is based on world‐class components ‐ including industrial engine blocks and generators with auxiliary windings for clean power production. The turbo charged engine achieves high torque and smooth operation with direct fuel injection. This technology optimizes engine efficiency, resulting in low exhaust emissions and superior fuel economy. This new model can be completely customized with numerous options and
accessories to perfectly power any suitable application.

For more information about the new M944T3 genset and other Northern Lights marine power generation solutions, visit booth P100

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Northern Lights introduces the New M1306 Series Generator Set

Northern Lights will feature its latest innovation in clean, efficient marine power generation – the M1306A32 - at the 2013 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, October 31-November 4 at the Bahia Mar Yachting Center (Engine Tent booth 1228 and Yachting Tent booth 621).
The M1306A32 is one of a new series generator set configurations, boasting kilowatt ratings from 355 to 400 at 60 Hz and 300 to 400 at 50 Hz, greatly expanding the Northern Lights marine generator product range.

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Northern Lights Powers the Winners of the International Yacht and Aviation Awards

Recently, the winners of the prestigious Yacht and Aviation Awards for design were announced by design et al.  Northern Lights is proud to supply power generation to three of this year’s six winners:





Diamonds Are Forever


61 m

M1066A2 x 1, M1276 x 2 + CleanSep

Orient Star


47 m

M1064A1 x 2, M1064T2 x 1


Hanseatic Marine

77 m

M1066H x 3

Northern Lights line of industry best marine solutions are ideally suited to the world’s most beautiful yachts.  Congratulations to the all of the winners, and thanks for showing that complete comfort comes from the state-of-the-art in clean power, clear air systems.   

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Feadship 135 Miss Iloilo In Refit With Technicold™ By Northern Lights Custom HVAC Systems





DEERFIELD BEACH, FLORIDA (USA) – Technicold™ by Northern Lights, a leading manufacturer of marine heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration systems, is providing custom HVAC systems for the major refit of the 135’ Feadship motoryacht Miss Iloilo.

Overseeing the installation project is Miss Iloilo’s captain, John Brazel.  “Technicold builds the best systems by far, with more for the dollar than competitors can offer and will give us trouble-free function for many years,” Captain Brazel said.  Miss Iloilo will begin refit this summer.

To properly cool 17 unique areas of this impressive yacht, which will dock primarily in subtropical locales, Technicold designed and engineered a four-stage 480,000 BTU system, composed of four 10-ton chillers, 27 UV-equipped air handlers and a complete make-up air system, all designed specifically for the layout and operational profile of Miss Iloilo.

Anti-microbial UV lamps installed directly into the air handlers help eliminate odors and provide a clean, comfortable and healthier environment on board. At the same time, the extensive use of 316L stainless steel and the large-diameter, single-pass fluted cupronickel condensers exemplify the commitment to using only world-class materials. 

For more information about Technicold by Northern Lights and other Northern Lights products, visit


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SEATTLE – Aug. 15, 2012 – Technicold by Northern Lights, an industry leader in marine HVACR systems, has been selected to supply the cooling and heating system on the environmentally friendly long-liner Northern Leader.

Technicold will provide a complete climate control system to the 184 ft. commercial fishing vessel. Technicold components include a three-stage 360,000 BTU/hour chilled water system. It incorporates a new two-stage 18kW immersion heating system,
uniquely designed for this project. The air handlers will provide both heat and air conditioning to the ship’s galley, pilot house, crew and common areas. The fresh air make-up system supplied by Technicold will ensure temperature and humiditycontrolled
air is delivered throughout the vessel.

Northern Leader is under construction at J.M. Martinac Shipbuilding Corporation in Tacoma, Wash. Designed by Jensen Maritime Consultants for Alaska Leader Fisheries, the vessel boasts an environmentally conscious design that allows for full utilization of targeted fish species only. Northern Leader has also been designed for fuel efficiency, to reduce waste and to maximize the value of the catch.

Technicold chilled-water air conditioning systems have long been regarded as the industry standard in simple, reliable design. Technicold is ideally suited for the demanding marine environment, incorporating self-contained water chillers, single pass fluted coaxial cupro-nickel condenser coils and drip-free evaporator assemblies that require no drip pans. The unique rack configuration permits access for service and maintenance, with minimal space requirement while maintaining optimal performance.

“Technicold has been used on several of our smaller tug projects,” said J.M. Martinac vice president, Joe Martinac. “On a boat this size, we are impressed with their ability to provide individual climate control in all of the spaces on board.”

“We have received great support throughout the project, both locally and on a national basis,” Martinac continued, “We have not found this level of support from other HVACR companies we’ve worked with. Technicold has been a delight throughout the process – very knowledgeable and supportive.”

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Northern Lights To Feature Unique Diesel Exhaust Cleaning System At 2013 Miami International Boat Show, Booth P100, Miami Beach Convention Center, February 14‐18




SEATTLE, WASHINGTON (USA) – Northern Lights, an industry leader in marine power generation,
propulsion and HVACR, will feature its unique Diesel Exhaust Cleaning System (DECS) at the
2013 Progressive® Insurance Miami International Boat Show, February 14‐18 at the Miami
Beach Convention Center (booth P100).

Based on DCL International’s MARINE‐X™ system, DECS removes soot and particulate matter as
it is emitted from the diesel engine. The air and water quality on and around the vessel is vastly
improved, offering a clean, enjoyable environment for everyone onboard.
When equipped with DECS, exhaust gas is routed through a catalytically coated ceramic filter,
trapping soot and particulates. Unlike other exhaust cleaning systems, DECS uses a passive
regeneration process which does not require additional equipment, controls or regeneration
time. The Northern Lights generator set functions normally, while particulate matter is
continually burned off using the heat emitted by the engine’s own exhaust.
The DECS unique filtration process reduces carbon monoxide by up to 98% and diesel
hydrocarbons by up to 95%. At a conservatively rated exhaust gas temperature of 300° C (572°
F), the soot burns away and transforms into harmless CO2. It is CARB Level 3 verified and NO2

The DECS modular steel housing and removable elements are designed to thrive in the
unforgiving marine environment. DECS is engineered to be application specific and its polished
stainless steel exterior maintains a low‐ service temperature with a high polish to complement
any engine room. The state of the art monitoring system records critical engine information.
DECS meets or exceeds the sound attenuation standard of marine engine mufflers, as well as all
classification society requirements.

“DCL International’s emissions control technology has been proven to be effective on a global
scale. Northern Lights is the global leader in marine power generation and propulsion. Together,
DECS will provide an ideal solution for the new generation of yachts that will be managing
exhaust systems using safer, more practical and reliable technology,” said Northern Lights
Director of Marketing Colin Puckett.

For more information about DECS and other Northern Lights marine power generation, HVACR
and hybrid solutions, visit booth P100 at the 2013 Progressive Insurance Miami International
Boat Show or www.northern‐

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SEATTLE – Nov. 27, 2012 – Northern Lights, an industry leader in marine power, propulsion and HVACR is pleased to announce its Hybrid Marine system has been selected to power the new “floating schoolhouse” for the Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk, Conn. 





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Resist Generator Vibrating, Abate Noise with Northern Lights Compound Mounts

Northern Lights marine generator sets are world renowned for producing clean, efficient power in a quiet, dependable package. Now, you can enhance your overall boating experience yet further with Northern Lights Compound Mounts.
Fitting between the generator set and its industry-best base frame, Northern Lights Compound Mounts reduce the majority of base frame vibration. Add a Northern Lights sound enclosure and your set will run virtually noise-free, providing an ideally relaxing environment for you and your guests.



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Northern Lights powered 50m Ohana built by Fitzroy Yachts

Power generation: 2x M1064H, 1x M944T

Fitzroy Yachts has launched their latest project: the spectacular 50m flybridge sloop Ohana.

Ohana entered the water on 28 October, a beautiful spring day in New Plymouth, New Zealand, and was christened in the presence of yard management and her proud build team. Built for a European client, Ohana is now undergoing sea trials before her delivery in December.

Fitzroy Yachts pride themselves on constructing world class and award winning fully custom yachts, and Ohana is the latest in a line of remarkable projects built by the yard. Work began on the yacht in 2010 after her owner approached the yard exclusively to build his yacht.

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Northern Lights, an industry leader in marine systems knows the world’s most beautiful, technologically advanced megayachts deserve a power generation system worthy of their elegance and strength. Debuting at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show (FLIBS), the M1066H is the quietest, most compact, best looking 185 kW (60 Hz) sound attenuated genset and enclosure package ever produced. It is the first in a line of totally revamped marine generator sets built exclusively for the large yacht market.



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Northern Lights, an industry leader in marine power generation and propulsion, announces a solution for the removal of
soot and particulate matter often associated with diesel powered equipment – DECS.

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Northern Lights, Inc. (NLI), an innovator in the marine-diesel market, is
redefining the traditional engine room with an unmatched hybrid-marine solution.
NLI combines its high-performance Lugger propulsion engines with BAE Systems’ HybriDrive® Propulsion

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Northern Lights Land Based Generators Chosen for Unique DeTect Avian Project

Northern Lights has been selling a number of generator sets to DeTect, Incorporated for a unique application.  DeTect specializes in remote sensing and radar systems, including a bird and bat tracking series called Merlin. 

The Merlin Avian Radar System is used to study migratory patterns and permanent nesting places for all types of flying creatures.  The uses of this system are numerous, including behavioral research, animal control and risk assessment.  DeTect’s clientele includes wind farms, commercial and military airports, power plants and other companies that benefit from being able to track the local fauna. 

The systems are set in remote, off-grid locations where reliable power production is a must.   Approximately 50 units have been sold through Florida Detroit Diesel Allison in Pensacola, FL.  The vast majority of the sets have been NL673L3 installed with the GSC400 controller with autostart.  For more information on the project, visit DeTect’s website at


Megawatt-plus Worth of Generator Sets Tested in Seattle Facility

Delta Marine Industries signed off on four generators for their 211 foot M/Y Invader early February in our test cell. The project included three unit injected 12.5 liters at 280 kw each for the main gen-sets and one HPCR 6.8 liter radiator cooled emergency set at 165 kw for a total of 1005 kw.

All four sets were run through many tests including Lloyds Witness testing, auto-start, auto parallel and 110% loading. In addition to the generators, Delta was also testing their own switch gear.

This is the fourth time we have run gen-sets for Delta with their own control panels. It took eight days of testing this time but, according to Delta Head Electrician, Leif Ayers, “it’s worth it. We love being able to dial everything in here in your test cell. It makes start-up so much easier for us at Delta”.



Northern Lights, Inc. (NLI) announced today that it has received ISO 9001:2008 certification through the prestigious auditors of Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance (LRQA).

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New WaveNet Marine Digital Monitoring Panel -Now NMEA 2000 Certified

Northern Lights revolutionary WaveNet digital monitoring and control system is now certified for use on the NMEA 2000 networks.
Available on Northern Lights generator sets 5-38kW at 60 Hz. (4.5-32kW at 50 Hz), WaveNet provides the user with a digital window into the operation and output of the generator, including a full listing of system status and safety alarms and shutdowns. It provides a running data log of events, and can even show the amount of electrical output being used at any given time.

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