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Video: Dock Talk With Tranquilo Angler/Squidnation Entrepreneur Bill Pino

Courtesy of InTheBite, the inventor of the “Flippy Floppy Thing” shares some tips on fishing.

Welcome to our first episode of InTheBite’s new Video Show called Dock Talk. This edition features angler/entrepreneur Bill Pino fresh off a win in the Costa Rica Los Suenos Triple Crown Series, Leg 1 in January.  Join our Dock Talk conversation as we discuss the Tranquilo win and all things teasers.

InTheBite’s new studio and Dock Talk Video Series will feature one on one interviews with the who’s who of sportfishing. Imagine waiting on the dock when a captain and crew shut the generator down after a full day of fishing and step into our screen to discuss anything and everything sportfishing. Watch the latest in techniques, where to travel, trends and product reviews first person.

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