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Born In Alaska – Video

Northern Lights was started in  Alaska in the harsh environments of places like the Bering Sea.  Alaska is known for some of the most challenging environments on the planet.  These are environments that most boats, commercial or recreational, are not going to see on a daily basis, if ever!  Nonetheless, at Northern Lights, we use these environmental conditions as the operational base-line for our marine generator design criteria.

The simple fact is that the marine environment is very demanding.  Saltwater is a very corrosive material. Our diesel generator engines are subject to operational environments that most people don’t consider when they are buying a diesel engine.  The marinization, the wiring, the cooling systems and the exhaust systems that we design in to our marine power generation systems are built to withstand these environments to a degree that a lot of our competitors don’t consider.

All of this means that Northern Lights generators are ready to withstand Atlantic crossings, Pacific crossings and harsh environments that your average cruiser is not going to see on a daily basis.  We design to that level of reliability because we know that when you are a couple of hundred miles offshore and you have a problem, you need your generator to work. That’s really where Northern Lights starts their product development process it’s the standard design criteria to which we design our products today.

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