Northern Lights customers count on our reputation for rugged reliability.  In order to maintain this reputation, we begin our manufacturing process with very heavy duty, very simple and extremely rugged ISM base engines.

Originally manufactured as a reliable and efficient Japanese tractor engine, these units are marinized at our factory in Seattle and converted for use in a marine environment.  This simple platform makes it easy for almost any repair to be performed by an owner or operator while far at sea, if needed.

A significant difference between a Northern Lights generator and many of our competitors is our use of an 1800 rpm engine.  Northern Lights uses a larger engine, turning more slowly which results in a much longer life.  While it is possible to use a small engine and turn it twice as fast, using a two pole generator and running it at 3600 rpm, there’s a big sacrifice in engine life and an increase in the amount of noise the unit produces.

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