Northern Lights’ industry-best marine solutions provide you with the ultimate in on-board comfort. Case in point – DECS, the diesel exhaust cleaning system that virtually eliminates soot from diesel marine generator exhaust.


DECS removes polluting particulates as they are emitted. Air and water quality are improved, offering a clean, enjoyable environment for everyone onboard.


Utilizing a passive regeneration process pioneered by DCL International, DECS uses the heat emitted by the engine’s own exhaust to burn away soot particles, and convert the discharge to harmless CO2. DECS’ unique process reduces carbon monoxide by up to 98% and diesel hydrocarbons by up to 95%.


Engineered to be application specific, DECS fits into virtually any engine room configuration. DECS meets or exceeds the sound attenuation standards of most marine engine mufflers, ensuring quiet, clean performance anywhere you travel. Its polished stainless steel exterior maintains low surface temperature and complements any engine room.


The new generation of yachts demand a power generation solution that is clean and effective. Northern Lights’ commitment to providing the power you need with the environmental stewardship you desire, is just one more way your complete comfort is ensured.


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