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Whether you are building a new yacht, or repowering an existing one, your future enjoyment depends on the generator set you choose today. Quiet operation, long engine life, and fuel consumption are major considerations. With so much depending on your generator set, it pays to choose one that is built up to a high standard of quality; not down to a low price. It pays to choose Northern Lights.

  • A variety of models enable you to select the amount of power that is right for your needs. Mix and match sets for a truly integrated, single source power solution.
  • Our custom marinization includes liquid cooled cast-iron exhaust manifolds, cupro-nickel aftercoolers and oversized expansion tanks. These features and more ensure long term quality in the unforgiving marine environment.
  • Designed for maximum noise abatement; our hydrolastic mounts isolate up to 98% of set vibration.
  • Extraneous hoses, gaskets and belts have been engineered away.

Marine Gensets: 5-545 Kw & MCA Compliant Generators

Options and Accessories for 5-40 kW Generator Sets

Options and Accessories for 50 kW - up Generator Sets

- Revolutionizing Diesel Exhaust Treatment

Technicold by Northern Lights.
Marine Air Conditioning and Refrigeration solutions.