Northern Lights generators and Lugger engines have been used in a variety of vessels. Thanks to Northern Lights factory customization, we can outfit your application with the best power solution on the market.

Surfari 44Northern Lights is proud to be the generator set of choice for the brand new Surfari 44, built for musician Jimmy Buffet.
Norwalk Aquarium
Northern Lights’ revolutionary Hybrid Marine system powers the new “floating schoolhouse” for the Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk, Conn.
Luhrs 30' OpenThe Luhrs 30 Open is a great fishing boat by any standards, taking on and beating the best customs on the tournament circuit. The Luhrs 30 Open now comes standard with the legendarily reliable 5kW Northern Lights M673D generator set.
Luhrs 32' OpenLuhrs fishing boats have long set the industry standard for quality. Now Luhrs 32, 36 and 38 Open boats are available with Northern Lights M753W2 8kW generator sets.
Luhrs 41' ConvertableYou know Luhrs as the standard bearer for quality in fiberglass fishing boats. The Luhrs 41 convertible is the newest in the line of sleek, reliable battlewagons. For a power option as effective as the 41, specify the Northern Lights M773LW2 generator set (9kW).
VictoriousWhen Vic Edelbrock bought the 110 foot Nordlund “Victorious” he had some very specific requirements: he only wanted the best. No detail was overlooked in producing a superior cruiser. And that includes his choice of generator sets: Northern Lights.
Archuros 50
What is the most important factor in selecting a power and propulsion source for an industry-best yacht? Is it ease of use? Fuel efficiency? Sales and service support? How about the tangible characteristics that make boating more pleasurable, like low noise signatures, low vibration, ecological concerns?
Maltese Falcon
It is among the most remarkable sailing vessels ever built. It is a 297 foot leviathan, with 58-meter rotating carbon-fibre masts that displaces 1,404 tons. It is The Maltese Falcon. Showboats International calls it "one of the most innovative sailing yacht projects ever." And which generator sets power the Black Bird? Northern Lights, of course.
Lady Washington
Lady Washington is a full-scale reproduction of an original Revolutionary War freighter, thoroughly researched and built by skilled shipwrights. She was launched by the Grays Harbor Historical Seaport Authority in March, 1989, to commemorate the State of Washington’s centennial. With all other details attended to diligently, naturally only the most reliable, efficient and simple to use power system would do - Northern Lights marine generator sets.
Commercial Vessels
WETA's Gemini
Clean, efficient, reliable, San Fransisco Bay Area’s
Gemini passenger ferry relies on Northern Lights