Specifications + Dimensions

AC Output
38 Kw60 Hz @ 1800 rpm
120/240 V/158.3 A, 120 V/316.6 A
32 Kw50 Hz @ 1500 rpm,
220 V/145 A
OptionalThree Phase with 0.8 PF
Voltage Regulation+/- 1%
Cylinders:4 inline
(Based on SAE J1995 and ISO 3046)
Weight and Height
Approximate Dry Weight:1450 lbs
(657 kg)
Length:60.0 in
(1524 mm)
Width:29.0 in
(737 mm)
Height:30.5 in
(775 mm)
Sound Enclosure Weight:140 lbs
(64 kg)
Enclosure length:60.0 in
(14524 mm)
Enclosure width:29.0 in
(737 mm)
Enclosure height:32.0 in
(813 mm)
Engine Data
TypeVertical inline
4 cylinder diesel
Displacement:203 in3
(3.3 ltr)
Bore/Stroke:3.70/4.72 in
(94/120 mm)
HP @ RPM60/1800
Approximate fuel use:
1800 RPM @ full load3.26 gph
(12.34 lph)
1800 RPM @ half load1.60 gph
(6.05 lph)
1500 RPM @ full load2.33 gph
(8.82 lph)
1500 RPM @ half load1.33 gph
(5.03 lph)
(Actual fuel consumption will vary depending on operating conditions.)
Installation Data
Wet exhaust elbow3 inch
(76 mm) OD
Raw water inlet3/4 in
(19 mm) OD
Fuel inlet and return1/4 inch NPT


Information and dimensions are subject to change without notice.

Consult factory for classification society.

Features + Benefits

Four cycle, 4 cylinder, liquid cooled, turbo charged, overhead valve diesel. The induction hardened, forged carbon-steel crankshaft is stronger than cast iron while the cross flow head makes for efficient combustion. Helical cut gear train reduces noise.

Standard heat exchanger cooling with optional keel cooling. Copper-nickel, tube-type heat exchanger has removable end caps for easy cleaning. Electrolysis protection via zinc anode. The bronze and stainless steel seawater pump with rubber impeller is gear driven, eliminating a potential failure point.

The self-venting fuel system features an inline injection pump with 3-5% mechanical governor for close AC frequency control. The fuel lift pump is mechanical with a hand primer, eliminating electronic pump failures.

The M944T meets US EPA Tier II/IMO II emission standards. The wet exhaust elbow is stainless steel.

The closed crankcase vent system traps oil vapor and keeps engine room clean. 10.5 qt (10 ltr) oil capacity for better lubrication and 250 hour oil change intervals. Oil drain hose with valve plumbed to base pan as standard.

The DC System features a 12 volt starter motor and battery charging alternator with belt guard. The set is equipped with a standard remote mount control panel, featuring an hour meter, stop-start switch, engine gauges, a preheat switch, and includes a 20 foot (6m) harness. The standard panel can be expanded to six panels, up to 110 feet from the set. Gauges include oil pressure, coolant temperture and DC Voltage. Low oil pressure, high coolant temperature and high exhaust temperature safety shutdowns standard.

The Northern Lights, direct coupled, four pole, twelve lead generator has Class “H” insulation, a pre-lubricated bearing and features a conservative heat rise rating of 95°C/50°C ambient. Our external automatic voltage regulator is powered by a dedicated AC winding for true 300% short circuit protection.