Northern Lights Land Based Generators: 20-250 kW @ 60 Hz/1800 rpm

For five decades, Northern Lights has provided stand-by power generation solutions. From the extremes of the Alaskan bush, to the deserts of the Middle East, Northern Lights Land Based Generator sets have been built to last.

A guiding principal behind Northern Lights engineering is simplicity of design. Unnecessary belts and hoses have been engineered away. Most service points are grouped on a common side. Spin on oil and fuel filters make routine maintenance a breeze.

For base camps, homes or even off-grid power, Northern Lights NL1064H Series offers a customizable solution that is right for you.

5/4.5 kW: NL673L4

5/4.5 kW


6/5 kW: NL673L4E

6/5 kW