Specifications + Dimensions

Four cylinder, four cycle in-line, liquid cooled, overhead valve marine diesel with replaceable wet liners

Forged crankshaft

Individual cylinder heads for ease of service

Mass balancer improves vibration levels

Heavy duty, plate-type oil cooler

Ladder frame on lower block easily handles higher power levels

Shaker pistons with oil gallery for improved cooling and performance

L: 73.94 in (1878 cm)

W: 35.02 in (912 cm)

H: 43.17 in (1096)

Weight: 2561 lbs (1162 kg)

Features + Benefits

Designed for smallest possible footprint without sacrificing serviceability.

Minimal belts and hoses for longer life

Reliable cast-iron, gear driven freshwater and silicon bronze seawater pump

Electronic HPCR

300% short circuit protection via auxiliary winding generator.

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