Northern Lights is driven by our people and we’re driven by our interaction with our customers. We are solely focused on marine power generation and marine HVAC systems and we carry that focus out in to the marketplace.  Our connection to our customers is evident in our product development, our personalized approach to customer service and in our training programs.  Whether you are an owner/ operator of a small trawler or a captain on a mega yacht, we spend time with you, we’ll get on board your vessel and try to understand what, operationally, we can do to help you on a daily basis.

At Northern Lights we are really focused on our people   We are passionate about what we do and we have built a team of passionate people who share the desire of putting the best product out there that we possibly can.  We hire the best, we recruit the best, and we retain the best.  We’ve got a lot of long term employees and we are looking for people to be a part of the Northern Lights family for many years. It’s because of that philosophy that we are able to be so consistent about the quality levels, the design criteria and the overall reputation that we’ve built in the marketplace.

It all comes back to having the right team of people.  Whether those people are dealers, factory representatives or our direct employees, these are all people that are passionate about the Northern Lights’ vision of creating the most reliable, the most durable, and just the best product out there when it comes to marine power generation.  Thats our focus, that’s our passion and that’s what we are going to continue to shoot for for many years to come.

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