Northern Lights manufactures a complete line of 50 and 60 Hz marine generator sets from 4.5 to 500 kW. Powered by rugged Lugger diesels and proven in commercial fishing boats, high-performance yachts and passenger vessels, Northern Lights generators provide unmatched quality and reliability.

It’s the meticulous craftsmanship that makes Northern Lights power the industry’s most reliable. The following video provides a quick overview of the part of the generator that makes the electricity, called the stator.

This is a very high quality electrical end.  Since we know that engine rooms are hot and that generators run in enclosures, the back end of the generator needs to be extremely well built. At Northern Lights, we use a hand wound stator which is epoxy insulated, designed to take a lot of heat and still make a very clean sine wave.  This means that the electricity that comes from a Northern Lights generator isn’t going to damage sensitive electronics and that the components are specifically designed to survive in a marine engine room environment.

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