When you’re talking about the marinization procedure, what you’re really doing is taking a heavy-duty industrial engine and making it suitable for the marine environment.

One of the things that we are often is asked is, “how do you marinize a diesel engine?” At Northern Lights, we start out with a good quality heavy-duty engine, like a tractor engine or an industrial engine. To ensure your generator lives up to the reputation we have built for rugged reliability, that engine has to be configured so that it can live in a harsh marine environment. That means, among other things, it has to have specialized exhaust manifolds and cooling systems. All of our components are made out of the heaviest, simplest and highest quality materials available. All of those materials are used to manufacture state of the art components designed for long life and heavy duty. At Northern Lights, we do not cut corners to save weight or sacrifice on quality just to sell at a lower price.

We’ve been in the marine power generation business for such a long time that we were one of the first companies in the marketplace to take heavy duty industrial engines and turn them into marine engines. What that means is that we have an extensive background in marinizing industrial engine blocks. We have paid a great amount of attention to detail to how all of our components go together. This knowledge and experience is one of many reasons that our customers have come to rely on Northern Lights marine generators to power through whatever the ocean throws at them.

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