Northern Lights|Lugger, a world-renowned manufacturer of marine generator sets is pleased to report the results of a major marine generator test that included the world’s most prominent builders. The conclusion regarding noise: Northern Lights sets are the quietest. 
(Released: March 1, 2008)

In 2007, an independently certified test (by TUV-EPS) was commissioned by Victron Energy. Marine generator sets were tested at 10kW and below (50 Hz ratings, 1500-3000 RPM).

Of the 19 generator sets tested from the world’s preeminent manufacturers, Northern Lights M773LW2 was deemed the quietest, at less than 65 dBA with no electrical load. The second quietest machine tested was also a Northern Lights – the M673LD2, at fewer than 66 dBA. Victron Energy notes in the report that “The sound levels measured should not be seen as absolute values but as relative values, for which we used the symbol ƒ¢dBA, showing how much more or less noisy one generator is compared to another.”

The only two Northern Lights tested proved to be the two quietest. This is a testament to the proven engineering and craftsmanship of Northern Lights generator sets.

“Among our primary concerns throughout the engineering and design process is the comfort of the end-user”, said Colin Puckett, Northern Lights Manager of Sales and Marketing. “Chief among the design considerations is the sound signature of our generator sets”.SoundTestNews

Independent testing proves that the quietest gensets run at 1500 RPM. All Northern Lights generator sets are built to run at 1500 RPM in their 50 Hz applications (a modest 1800 RPM at 60 Hz).

Other key contributors to Northern Lights’ quiet design are plateform mounts, which dramatically reduce noise resulting from the transmission of vibration, and single piece, cast iron expansion tank/exhaust manifolds which keep engine noise at a minimum.

“We are very proud and gratified by the findings of this study”, said Puckett. “By using the best possible components, keeping revolutions low and keeping customer comfort at the forefront, we are able to build generator sets that are measurably quieter than comparable models”.


Sound signatures on Northern Lights can be further reduced with the use of one of our industry-leading sound enclosures. Featuring noise-dampening foam and trigger latches for easy access, Northern Lights sound enclosures are one of many options that further customize Northern Light generator sets.

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