Below is a list of accessories, promotional and special aids brochures. Click on the name and download a PDF that you can print on your printer.
5-30kW Accessories Brochure Accessories for 5- 30 kW generators Lit Number: L631

5-38kW Sound Enclosure Brochure Specs and photos for Northern Lights Sound Enclosures Lit Number: L768

40-400kw Sound Enclosure Brochure Specs and photos for Northern Lights Sound Enclosures Lit Number: L767

Compound Mounts Brochure Specs and photos for Northern Lights Compound Mounts Lit Number: L762

Spare Parts Kits On-Board Spare Parts Kit for 5 to 40 kW sets Lit Number: L510

DECS Exhaust Treatment for Marine Diesel Equipment Lit Number: L764
Promotional Information:
International Dealer Directory A printable guide to Northern Lights worldwide dealer network Lit Number: L332

Filter Chart Guide A quick reference guide to Northern Lights filters Lit Number: L653

Northern Lights Competitive Advantage How does Northern Lights compare to the Competitors? Find out with this brochure. Lit Number: L773

Special Aids: 
Product Selection Guide A guide to Northern Lights products and specifications. Lit Number: L605

Don’t Drown Me A guide to the proper installation of the Northern Lights exhaust system Lit Number: L192

Marine Generator Buyer’s Guide A buyer’s guide to picking the right generator Lit Number: L523

Generator Set Application Guide Generator Set Application Guide for Prime and Stand-by Power Generator Sets Lit Number: L151

Literature Order Form Literature Order Form Lit Number: F023

Warranty Policies, Coverage and Information:
Northern Lights 1 + 4 year warranty NL stands behind the industry’s product Updated 03/2014
Lit Number: L116

Emissions Control Warranty Statement NL Marine to 30 kW and land-based units Updated 12/2012 Lit Number: L581

Warranty Instruction Sheet For NL marine & industrial diesel generator sets. Updated 12/2012
Lit Number: L324M/NL

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