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Northern Lights Parts & Accessories For Generators (Guide)

CitiMarine, one of South Florida’s premier marine service and sales outlets, recently shared these thoughts about Northern Lights quality:

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Northern Lights Marine Generators range in output from 4.5 to 545 kW. Powered by Lugger diesel engines and popular in commercial fishing, yachting and passenger vessel applications, Northern Lights has come to be known for their quality and reliability when it comes to marine generators.

Elements of the Northern Lights generator that make it one of the most reliable, durable and simple to use power solutions on the market:

-High copper content within brushless generator enables motor starting

-Hand-wound, skewed stator makes electricity with symmetrical sine wave for today’s sensitive electrical equipment

-Corrosion-resistant epoxy coating protects against harsh marine conditions

-Designed for quick and easy maintenance

Important for keeping your Northern Lights generator up and running is an understanding of it’s parts, components, accessories, and replacements.


Northern Lights Parts & Accessories

Here is a breakdown of the most common and important parts & accessories for Northern Lights generators:

generator water pumpRaw Water Lugger Pump & Impeller

The Northern Lights Raw Water Pump pushes water through the cooling system of the generator, keeping it below recommended running temperature throughout it’s use. The raw water pump is fitted with a vulcanized rubber impeller. The impeller is a circular rubber component with pallets that facilitate the circulation of water.

Generator Fuel Filter Water SeparatorPrimary Fuel Filter / Water Separator

Fuel filter / water separators extend the life of your generator by removing contaminates in the fuel. Northern Lights fuel filters are designed to protect the engine from damaging particles and water, enhancing overall performance.

marine generator gas water separatorGas Water Separator

Separates exhaust gas and water mixture allowing water to exit under your boat and gasses out at the transom. Reduces exhaust “splashing” noise, allowing more peace and quiet while the marine generator is in use.

Marine Generator Water Lift MufflerWater Lift Muffler

Cools off hot exhaust gasses from your generator, while silencing exhaust noise.

Marine generator dry exhaustExhaust Components

The dry exhaust flex connects your generator’s exhaust system to the engine and reduces vibrations through the dry exhaust. Also allows remote mounting of muffler and compensates for thermal expansion of the exhaust system.

Wet exhaust on keel cooled marine generators use a seawater pump and wet exhaust elbow.

Marine generator exhaust components include:
-Wet mufflers and exhaust gas/water separators.
-Wet exhaust elbows.
-3 and 4 inch dry exhaust elbows with flange.
-Dry exhaust flex couplings
-Dry exhaust mufflers.

Marine Generator Siphon BreakSiphon Break

The siphon break prevents raw water from siphoning back into the engine. It comes standard on 5 and 6 kW Northern Lights generators, but is optional on 8 – 38 kW models. It is intended for wet exhaust systems only.

You’ll need a siphon break if your generator sits so low to the point where cooling water injected into the exhaust is less than a foot above the waterline. Thanks to a natural occurrence known as the siphon effect, water can flow uphill… For more information on the importance of the siphon break in marine generators, see here.

Safety switches for marine generatorsSafety Switches

Safety switches help protect your generator’s vital functions. Choose overspeed, low coolant level, or low oil level to monitor, diagnose, and protect your generator’s key functions.

Marine generator electric fuel pumpElectric Fuel Pump

A Northern Lights electric fuel pump comes in 12V and 24V, and provides design flexibility by allowing the fuel tank and generator to be installed further apart than usual. An electric fuel pump also allows easier fuel system bleeding of the generator.

Power take offPTO – Power Take Off

Available on Northern Lights generators 12kW and up, the front power take-off can provide you with up to 48 Hp, depending on model size and RPM. This will allow you to run accessories at the flip of a switch.

Output alternator for marine generatorHigh-Output Alternator

Increase your battery charging capabilities. Adjustable voltage regulator works with either lead acid or gel cell batteries. Available on larger Northern Lights models.

Sound Enclosure

The sound enclosure creates compact power while reducing sound. Add compound mounts, and reduce noise even further. Sound enclosures work on generator sets up to 30kW, and can be accessed through a steel paddle latch on the service side. Interior latches allow access to non-service side. Northern Lights sound enclosures absorb low-, mid-, and high-frequency noise. Electro-galvanized steel construction and a protective film ensure a long life without scratches/marks/dents.

generator compound mountsPlatform Mounting Kit (Compound Mounts)

Compound mounts completely neutralize noise from base frame vibration, and are corrosion protected for use in marine environments. They are designed to add minimal height to your unit.

You may find it worth your while to learn how to replace filters, and other small parts required in the regular maintenance of your generator. Make sure to follow all safety precautions for marine generators.


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