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Reel & Tackle Maintenance

We all know that nothing on a boat is maintenance free but we are happy to provide you with a couple of free tips to keep your offshore tackle in good working order.

For reel maintenance, follow the manufacturer’s maintenance recommendations. For some, remembering to actually perform those tasks is sometimes a challenge. So, here’s your reminder along with some links to tackle care tips.

We all wash our reels down after a day of fishing. If not, you’re an idiot. Having said that, hitting a reel with a high pressure water hose can force salt inside your reel. A gentle spray is all you need. If you have to use a hose, be sure to lock down the drag to avoid this problem. Don’t forget to back the drag off for storage to prevent excess wear on drag washers.

Be cautious when it comes to applying solvents. If some of these harsh chemicals come in to contact with your line, they can compromise line strength and integrity. Limit use of the heavy duty stuff to annual disassembly, cleaning and maintenance. Dockside, stick to a simple rinse.

If you are a serious tournament angler consider having your reels rebuilt annually.

Don’t forget to check they eyelets and rollers on your rods. Periodically run a cotton swab over these surfaces to check for knicks and burrs.

Here are some general tackle care and storage ideas from Saltwater Sportsman.

Check out this winterization guide from Captain John Galvin courtesy of OnTheWater.com <http://www.onthewater.com/offshore-rod-and-reel-winterization-guide/>

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