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TSCM – The Controller Tough Enough for the Yacht Market

As onboard power systems become more sophisticated, so the way that we interact with them must evolve. The yachtsman has a unique challenge – finding controllers that are tough enough to withstand the marine environment, yet able to provide important data when you need it the most.

To address these needs, Northern Lights provides the TSCM “Tough Series” marine controller. With a backlit LCD screen and large, easy to read push buttons, TSCM is uniquely suited to a yacht’s engine room.


Currently available on Northern Lights marine generator sets from 5-40kW at 60 Hz (4.5 – 32kW at 50 Hz), TSCM puts engine and electrical data at your fingertips. RS485 and J1939 protocols connect to a remote monitoring system. Because simplicity is always welcome onboard a large vessel, monitoring is available through a single data and power cable, up to 30 meters in length.

Northern Lights factory programs TSCM with pressure and temperature warnings and shutdowns to protect your power source. Other standard displays include battery voltage, run hours, operating status and an event log. Additional alarms and warnings can be added to meet your project’s specific needs.  Voltage and current monitoring is also available. Units can plug in with no additional adaptors required.

When you think Northern Lights you think simple durability. Our Tough Series of controllers make the industry’s best built products an even better value.