Hybrid offerings

Northern Lights Hybrid Electric Power Generation and Propulsion Systems use both electric motors and generators combined with internal combustion engines in order to increase vessel performance, comfort and reliability. Hybrid electric systems have the potential to significantly increase vessel fuel efficiency and to reduce emissions in order to comply with ever increasing green house emissions regulation while reducing cost. This makes hybrid electric systems more sustainable in today’s sophisticated market place.

Northern Lights has partnered up with world class component suppliers to provide hybrid systems that maintain the robust, reliable and long lasting systems that you have come to expect from our company. Northern lights can provide multiple hybrid configurations including:

  • Diesel Electric Systems
  • Hybrid Electric Vessels
  • Parallel and Serial Hybrid Systems
  • Mild Hybrid Systems


  • Simplicity – Operation and Control with minimum user interface
  • Distributed Logic Control
  • Distributed and redundant sources of power
  • Quiet and efficient
  • Reduced footprint and weight


  • Battery Assist Fixed Speed Standard VAC Generator Offerings
  • Variable Speed DC Generators
  • Parallel and Serial Hybrid Systems
  • Custom Hybrid Electric Systems

Fixed Speed Standard VAC Generator Offerings

  • 1500 rpm 50 Hz and
  • 1800 rpm 60 Hz
  • Can be used with well established Inverter platforms

Power Ranges from 5 kW single phase to 30 kW 3 phase using parallel Inverters and stacked 3 phase systems

  • Slave Master Configurations
  • Inverter Parallel Stacking


  • Fixed speed Engine operation (1800 rpm)
  • Low Noise/Quiet
  • Silent Mode Operation using batteries
  • Small Generator Footprint
  • Seamlessly integrates with Vessel Inverter/Battery Bank
  • Redundant Sources of Power
  • Shore Power Supported
  • Optional 240VAC load Panel
  • High Efficiency Power Generation
  • Efficient use of Energy Storage (ES) using multiple batteries in parallel

Variable Speed DC Generators

  • Operations Mode:
  • Silent 1400
  • Fast Charge 2400 rpm
  • Variable Speed 1400 to 2400 rpm

Configuration and Sizes:

  • 48 VDC from 9 kW to 30 kW
  • 350 and 750 VDC from 20 to 350 kW


  • Small Generator Footprint
  • Seamlessly integrates with Vessel Inverter/Battery Bank
  • High Efficiency Power Generation
  • Electronic Controls allow for load following and on/off operation within Micro Grid
  • Low Voltage options available in 48 VDC from 9 kW to 30 kW
  • High Voltage options available in 350 VDC and 750 VDC nominal from 20 kW and Higher

Parallel Hybrid

  • Direct Diesel Drives with Clutch Transmissions for Motor/Generator adoption


  • Smaller Engine Higher Output
  • Auto Step Up Load Following
  • Capable of Engine Sleep Mode
  • Generator Assist Mode
  • Redundant System

Modes of Operation:

  • Diesel Drive with Power Generation
  • Diesel Drive with Elec Motor Boost
  • Electric Drive with Battery Power
  • Electric Generation
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