Load Banks


The world’s greatest yachts deserve the industry’s best power generation systems. But properly loading your generator set can be a challenge. The increasing size and popularity of bow thrusters, zero-speed stabilizers
and other popular gear – to say nothing of increasing vessel size – can lead to power management issues. When large AC consumers are not online, it can result in smoke, soot and lower overall efficiency. The solution – Northern Lights automatic load banks.

By supplying supplemental electrical load, Northern Lights load banks ensure the generator’s optimal performance. Our load bank system monitors each leg of power. When the ship’s power usage fluctuates the system adds or sheds kW’s based on your pre-set parameters.

Northern Lights Load Banks are supplied with standard PLC controller and full color touch screen monitor. You can easily set and track electrical loads, even on multiple gensets.

Like all Northern Lights products, our load banks are built with the finest, marine-class materials, and designed to our industry renowned engineering standards. Ensure your electrical system continues to provide the clean, clear and comfortable power you deserve – add a Northern Lights Automatic Load Bank.

Features + Benefits

Northern Lights’ Automatic Load Bank is composed of two primary parts – the Controller and the fresh water cooled Heat Transfer Module. The controller monitors power on each leg of the generator set’s output. Th is variable output management allows Northern Lights to balance loads incrementally up to 48kW. No other load bank permits this level of accuracy.
Generator status can be easily programmed and monitored through the digital controller or optional PLC touch screen.
The heat transfer module protects the system through heat exchanged water. Like all Northern Lights products, our automatic load bank is engineered for long marine life, and minimal maintenance cost.

The Automatic Load Bank System is designed to be easily programmed and monitored. For added control options, add a touch screen Programmable Load Controller (PLC) System.

  • Set and monitor load parameters
  • View fresh and raw water flow
  • View multiple generator sets simultaneously
  • Set customized alarms to ensure safe and efficient load


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