5-40 Accessories

Northern Lights offers a full line of optional equipment to make your at-sea power systems as unique as your vessel. Customize your Northern Lights generator set with the quality of our factory-built options and accessories.

  • Available on 20 and 40 kW
  • Protects wiring, electronics, and other equipment on board
  • Circuit breakers give you the peace of mind of added safety
  • Reduces the majority of base frame vibration

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  • Catch tank, alarm and leaking line indicator as required by Lloyd’s, ABS DNV, Germanischer Lloyd’s and other class societies

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  • Connects the exhaust system to the engine
  • Reduces vibration transmission through the dry exhaust
  • Allows for remote mounting of the muffler
  • Compensates for the thermal expansion of the exhaust system

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  • Adds design flexibility by allowing the fuel tank and generator to be installed further apart
  • Allows easier fuel system bleeding

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  • Available for 20 and 40 kW units
  • Harnesses are sturdy yet flexible
  • Mount your panels throughout the vessel

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  • Separates the exhaust gas and water mixture allowing the water to exit under the hull and gasses at the transom without the noisy splashing
  • Reduces the exhaust noise so your time aboard is quieter and more enjoyable

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  • Increase your battery charging capabilities with a high output alternator
  • Adjustable voltage regulator for use with either lead acid or gell cell batteries is optional
  • Available on M753W2 (6 to 8 kW) and larger models

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  • Make simple repairs and routine maintenance quickly and with confidence
  • Operator’s manuals include photographs and easy-to-read directions
  • Parts manuals offer exploded-view pictures of components and parts numbers
  • Paper manuals come standard; CDs available on request

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S-1 Panel

  • The Northern Lights S-1 Panel Includes: Run light, start/stop and shutdown bypass/preheat switch
  • Dimensions: Length – 3.38 in x Height – 2.88 in

S-1b Panel

  • The Northern Lights S-1B Panel Includes: Run light, engine hour meter, start/stop, and shutdown bypass/preheat switch
  • Dimensions: Length – 5.5 in x Height – 2.88 in

S-3b Panel

  • The Northern Lights S-3B Panel Includes: DC voltmeter, water temperature gauge, oil pressure gauge, engine hour meter, start/stop, and shutdown bypass/preheat switch
  • Includes a NEMA enclosure
  • Dimensions: Length – 10 in x Height – 8 in x Depth – 4 in

S-3c Panel

  • The Northern Lights S-3C Panel Includes: DC voltmeter, water temperature gauge, oil pressure gauge, engine hourmeter, start/stop, and shutdown bypass/preheat switch
  • Available with enclosure
  • Dimensions: Length – 7 in x Height – 5.25 in

S-4 Panel

  • The Northern Lights S-4 Panel includes: Engine temperature gauge, oil pressure gauge, DC and AC voltmeters, AC frequency meter, AC ammeter and switch with harness, start/stop switch, shutdown bypass/preheat switch
  • Available as flush mount or with enclosure
  • Dimensions: Length – 14 in x Height – 17 in x Depth – 6.25 in

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  • Belts, gaskets, o-rings, pumps, and much more.
  • Be prepared and organized for routine maintenance and troubleshooting in tough marine environments
  • Standard Kit contains and organizes basic repair parts, and the World Class Kit outfits you for longer voyages

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InteliVision 5 CAN Controller Color Display Unit

InteliGen High-End Marine Certified Gen-Set Controller

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  • Thoughtfully mounted fuel filter is easily serviced and designed to reduce fuel spills
  • Large top mounted air bleed and fuel pump priming lever provide for fast, painless fuel filter changes

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  • Optional front power take off with electric clutch
  • Up to 42 HP to run hydraulic equipment

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  • Prevents raw water from siphoning back into the engine
  • Standard on 5 and 6 kW, optional on 8 through 33 kW models
  • Intended for use with wet exhaust systems only

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  • Shutdowns for all systems are available
  • Pre-alarms warn you before a shut down occurs.

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  • For M864 and larger, check the oil level in your sump at one quick glance even when the set is running
  • Alarm warns you when oil level is low

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Water Lift Muffler

  • Cools hot exhaust gasses and silences exhaust noise
  • Standard model is listed, and a variety of other styles and configurations are also available

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  • Available 20 and 40 kW
  • Allows you to install multiple control panels from one plug-in

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Available for models:

M843LW3 10 kW @ 50 Hz

M844DW3 14 kW @ 50 Hz

M844LW3 16 kW @ 50 Hz

M864W3 20 kW @ 50 Hz

M944W3 26 kW @ 50 Hz

M944T 32 kW @ 50 Hz

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