Marine Generators 5-40 kW
Marine Generators 50+ kW
Commercial Marine Generators
Additional manuals
Generator End Manuals
OLXELX-E 34 EDownload Manual
OBCH018Newage / StamfordDownload Manual
OPX300K1PX300K SeriesDownload Manual
OUCH027Newage / StamfordDownload Manual
OPX300K2PX300K2Download Manual
SB504Magna PlusDownload Manual
GPN002Marathon MagnaMaxDownload Manual
ECP3Mecc Alte ManualDownload Manual
Voltage Regulator Manuals
AVC63-12BaslerDownload Manual
OAPM2000BaslerDownload Manual
OAPR63-5BaslerDownload Manual
OSX460Newage / StamfordDownload Manual
PM500MarathonDownload Manual
DSRMecc AlteDownload Manual
MX321Newage / StamfordDownload Manual
MX341Newage / StamfordDownload Manual
Panel Manuals & Specifications
S3-AS3-A Autostart Control PanelDownload Specification Sheet
S3-BS3-B Control PanelDownload Specification Sheet
S3-CS3-C Compact Flush Mount Control PanelDownload Specification Sheet
OPV380 &
Murphy Power View
(for generators 50+ kW)
Download Manual
Download Manual
OWN-GENWaveNet Digital Monitoring System General Installation & Owners ManualDownload Manual
OWN-ADVWaveNet Digital Monitoring System Advanced Installation & Owners Manual Download Manual
OS-TSCTSC Marine Panel User Manual Download Manual
Installation and Technical Manuals
IM1000Installation manual for Marine Gen SetsDownload Manual
S100Power GenerationDownload Manual

Workshop Manuals are available through your local dealer.

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Warranty and additional info
Northern lights 1 + 4 year warrantyNL MarineDownload Warranty
Emissions control warranty statementNL Marine to 30 kW and land-based unitsDownload Warranty
Warranty instruction sheetNL Marine & Industrial diesel generator sets, NL Diesel Powered Pumps and Power units.Download Warranty
Don't Drown MeA guide to installing smaller Northern Lights generatorsDownload Brochure
Filter Chart GuideA quick reference guide to Northern Lights filtersDownload Guide
Generator Set Application GuideGenerator Set Application Guide for Prime and Stand-by Power Generator SetsDownload Guide
International Dealer DirectoryA printable guide to Northern Lights worldwide dealer networkDownload Directory
Instructions for replacing 22-68007 circuit breaker on M673 & NL673 (L971)Download Instructions
Instructions for replacing the DS-71-2 voltage regulatoron M673 and NL673 models with the DST-61 (L972)Download Instructions
Northern Lights Competitive AdvantageHow does Northern Lights compare to the Competitors? Find out with this brochure.Download Brochure
Northern Lights Commercial Competitive AdvantageNorthern Lights Commitment to Commercial OperatorsDownload Brochure
On-Board Spare Parts KitKeep a Northern Lights
spare parts kit on board, and ensure the complete comfort that
comes with being well prepared.
Download Information
How to Calculate Generator Set LoadEasy math formulas to help calculate the generator set load.How to calculate generator set load

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Manuals and Literature are free for Northern Lights and Lugger owners. If you do not have a serial number and would like to request a manual, please contacat our parts department: 1.800.762.0165

Workshop Manuals can be purchased through your local Northern Lights Dealer, but are not available from the website.

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