Specifications + Dimensions

55 kW60 Hz, 1800 RPM
Voltage regulation1%
droop control
Standard three phase power factor0.8
Optional single phase power factor1.0
Generator full load temperature rise
(at 50°C ambient)
Inline cylinders/operating cycle
I-4 / 4
Displacement -
cid (liter)
Bore/stroke -
inches (mm)
Fuel injection
pump type
and control
Oil fill capacity -
gal (ltr)
(Keel cooling standard, heat exchanger optional)
Heat rejection
to jacket water -
1800 rpm BTU min
Freshwater pump
capacity -
1800 rpm/gpm (lpm)
Approximate cooling capacity - gal (ltr)4.5
KC connection size
in/out - inch
Heat exchanger approx. cooling capacity - gal (ltr)3.7
Seawater pump capacity - 1800 rpm/gpm(lpm)24
Max seawater
pump suction head lift -
ft (m)
Sea water pump
inlet hose ID -
in (mm)
Min. seawater inlet/discharge
thru-hull -
in (mm)
(12V standard, 24V optional)
DC starting voltage -
standard (optional)
Min battery capacity -
amp hr/12V CCA
(24V CCA)
Starter rolling amps
@ 0°C -
12VDC (24VDC)
12 Volt battery cable
size up to 10 ft (3m)
(Based on standard three phase)
Air consumption -
1800 rpm/cfm
Approx heat radiated to air -
1800 rpm/BTU/min
Generator cooling
air flow 1&3Ø -
1800 rpm cfm
Exhaust gas volume -
1800 rpm/cfm (m3/m)
Exhaust gas temp -
1800 rpm/F° (C°)
Max. exhaust back Pressure - inch H2O (mm H2O)30
Wet and exhaust
elbow OD- in (mm)
Fuel injection pump type and controlHPCR
Min suction - in (mm)3/8 (10)
Min return line - in (mm)1/4 (6)
Max fuel transfer pump suction lift - in (mm)80 (2032)
Max fuel flow to transfer pump at 1800 rpm - gph19.5
Specific fuel consumption max load 1800 rpm - lbs.hp.hr0.394
Approx. fuel rate3 at 1800 RPM full load - gph (lph)4.4 (16.7)
Continuous (with separate expansion tank)30o
Intermittent (2 minutes)45o
Length64.9 in
(1648 mm)
Width28.0 in
(711 mm)
Height39.8 in
(1011 mm)
Approximate dry weight2072 lbs
(840 kg)

Features + Benefits

Four cylinder, four cycle, in-line, liquid cooled, overhead valve, marine diesels based on heavy duty engine blocks. Balanced, forged crankshaft with induction hardened journals and rolled fillets for long life. Replaceable, wet cylinder liners for long life and low rebuild costs. Bimetallic valves with chrome stems and rotators. Replaceable valve seats and guides. Three ring aluminum alloy pistons with Ni-Resist insert for the top ring. Keystone piston ring reduces carbon buildup under light loads. Dual gear-driven, counter-rotating balancing shafts for smooth operation. A single poly-vee drive belt powers the alternator and jacket-water pump.

Keel cooled with heat exchanger option. Cast expansion tank. Two thermostats for quick warmups and safety. Cast-iron exhaust manifold for reliable temperature control.

High pressure common rail fuel injection for smooth, clean delivery. Direct fuel injection systems. Ring clamp fuel filters with air bleed and drain. Diaphragm-type, mechanical fuel transfer pump with manual priming lever.

Dry air filter silences intake noise. Turbocharger with jacket water cooled turbine housings for safety.

Positive displacement gear-type oil pump. Full flow, spin-on oil filter. Oil spray cooling reduces piston crown temperature for longer life. Jacket-water, plate-type, full flow oil cooler reduces heat and prevents lube oil breakdown. Large capacity oil pan. A closed loop crankcase vent traps oil vapor to keep the engine room clean.

Negative ground, 12 volt DC system includes starter motor and alternator with regulator. Low oil pressure and high coolant temperature safety shutdown system. Optional control panels help you specify the amount and type of information required. Comprehensive list of optional alarms and safety shutdowns. Optional DC logic system for simplified maintenance. Optional pre-wired engine, panel with terminal strips.

Direct coupled, single bearing, 12 lead, reconnectable AC generator. Maintenance free brushless design. All NL generators meet or exceed class society standards with Class “H” insulation, accessible diodes, oversized ball bearings, marine grade shafts and conservative 110°/50° heat rise ratings. Engines and generators are torsionally matched for long life. Automatic voltage regulator; ±1% regulation over the entire range from no load to full load. Configured for isochronous frequency control with ECU electronic governor control.

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