Owner/Operator Course

2019-09-13 08:00 - 17:00




PRODUCT OWNER’S COURSE – The following class is offered to vessel owners with Northern Lights generator sets and Lugger propulsion engines.

Course No. NLHO1
Part No. 03-00006
Hands-On Diesel Engine Class

Northern Lights Corporate Headquarters
Training Room
4420 14th Ave. NW Seattle, WA 98107
Tel: (206) 789-3880 Toll Free: (800) 762-0165

Course duration: 2 days. Classes begin at 8:00 am and end at 5:00 pm local time each day.
Lunch is provided by Northern Lights, Inc.
Travel arrangements are the responsibility of the student.

Prerequisites: None.

Students will gain first hand knowledge of marine diesel engines, systems, proper operation and routine maintenance. Students will learn to diagnose and resolve the most common mechanical and electrical challenges encountered when cruising.
Cost: $450 per person
Course payment is fully refundable if cancellation is received within 14 days of the beginning date of the course. Course payment is 50% refundable if cancelled within 7 days of beginning date of the course.
Refunds will not be issued for cancellations received less than 7 days before the beginning date of the course, or for no-shows.

Content and Agenda:
• How diesel engines work
• Strategies for Reliability – treating your engine right
• Understanding diesel systems
• Engines disassembly and assembly – a look inside
• Maintenance – avoiding repairs and problems
• Safety – protecting yourself & preventing injuries
Fuel system
Air and exhaust system
Cooling system: freshwater & seawater
• Diagnostics, trouble shooting tips, tricks, and things you can do yourself
Smoke & steam in the exhaust
Leaks – what they mean, what to fix
Vibration & chafing problems – preventing surprises
Work arounds when you don’t have the special tool

To Register:
Contact Scott Putnicki sputnicki@northern-lights.com

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