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2019-09-16 09:00 - 17:00



The following class is offered to captains and crews of vessels with Northern Lights generator sets and Lugger propulsion engines.
Course No. NLLC1
Northern Lights Corporate Headquarters
Training Room
4420 14th Ave. NW Seattle, WA 98107
Tel: (206) 789-3880 Toll Free: (800) 762-0165
Course duration: 8 hours. Classes begin at 9:00 am and end at 5:00 pm local time each day.
Travel arrangements are the responsibility of the student.
Prerequisites: None.
Students will be able to understand installation requirements, model nomenclature, operation,
maintenance and basic diagnostics of Northern Lights generators.

This course is designed primarily for vessel owners, captains and crew, using running generators for demonstration. Students will learn basic operation and maintenance procedures, including important cooling, fuel, electrical, and exhaust system service. Basic diagnostics and technical terms helpful in discussing service concerns with professional technicians are covered.
Cost: There is no cost for this course for Captains on Northern Lights-powered vessels.
Content and Agenda:
Captains’ Class seminars address Preventive Maintenance, routine maintenance and problem solving techniques in these areas:
Preventive Maintenance –
1. Fuel system & primary (Racor) filters
2. Cooling system(s) & pumps
3. Exhaust system: elbows, mounting, leaks
4. Air Intake: Air filters, turbocharger, ventilation
5. Electrical: starting, charging, fuses & breakers
6. Chafe, wear & vibration issues: cables, bolts, hoses, wiring, belts
7. Why any leak is bad – early warnings
8. Corrosion, erosion & rust
9. Proper startup and shutdowns
10. Control systems: Cables, mounts, hydraulics, electrical
11. Look, Listen, Smell, Feel
Routine Maintenance – How To’s
1. Changing fuel filters
2. Priming and bleeding: low and high pressure systems
3. Changing engine oil and filter; finding the O-ring
4. Anti-siphon loops – drowning prevention
5. Checking pumps and thru hullsL805 • 6/17
Problem Solving – What you can fix under way
1. Electrical: Alternator & starter issues, finding fuses & breakers
How to read a multimeter – what to look for
Easy $7 relay diagnostics/repairs
2. Cooling system: Pumps you fix, pumps you replace; how to do it
Replacing impellers, where to find the pieces when they fail
All you need to know about heat exchangers
Where the thermostat is hidden & why you probably don’t need to fix it.
Drip pan diagnostics – why seawater leaks are bad
3. Fuel System: Fuel rack solenoids, lift pumps
4. Lube system diagnostics
5. Smoke-ology: diagnosing smoke by color
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