Northern Lights Offers 2-Speed Operation Option


Northern Lights’ industry-best marine systems has developed an option for 2-speed operation. This allows the generator set to operate at a higher rotational speed to allow a 27% increase in PTO pump performance (power and speed).

  • This system is fully compatible with the standard control panels, TSC panels and S-3A autostart systems.
  • High speed operation is initiated by a customer supplied GEN/PTO mode selector switch.
  • The option includes an electronic governor system with overspeed protection at both electric generating speed and at the upper PTO speed.
  • The system includes a shipped loose AC output contactor that provides an interlock function that prevents generator AC output in the high speed mode.
  • The PTO can still be used with no change in operation at the genset rated speed.

Available for models:

M843LW3 10 kW @ 50 Hz
M844DW3 14 kW @ 50 Hz
M844LW3 16 kW @ 50 Hz
M864W3 20 kW @ 50 Hz
M944W3 26 kW @ 50 Hz
M944T 32 kW @ 50 Hz
M1064T1 50 kW @ 50 Hz

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