Northern Lights Tips for Winterizing Your Generator


Winter is coming! Taking proper steps for long term storage is essential for the long life an durability of your genset.
We recommend the following preparations for any long term storage.


  1. Change the oil and filter, as per recommendations in your genset’s manual.

2. Run the engine up to at least 140 degrees F from a small, clean source of fuel dosed with either “Stab-il” brand fuel system stabilizer (diesel engine formula), or Stanadyne Performance fuel system conditioner. If neither of these fuel treatments are available, you may also use John Deere fuel system conditioner.

3. Completely drain, flush and fill the cooling system with pre-mixed, 50/50, conventional ethylene-glycol heavy-duty diesel engine coolant.

4. Loosen the alternator drive belt.

 Loosen upper bolt with wrench

 Loosen lower bolts with wrench

 When bolts are in the loosened position (see top bolt) belt can be loosened

5. Completely seal off intake and exhaust openings with heavy plastic bags closed at the bottom of the bag. Place several moisture absorbing desiccant packs inside the plastic bag.

6. Store the engine inside a building (preferably climate controlled) to prevent corrosion.




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