Northern Lights M12812 Series

The growing demands of the marine marketplace demand a big, robust power producer. As the world’s yachts grow more sophisticated, their power generation system must keep pace. Northern Lights generator sets are based on world-class components – including industrial strength base engines and generator ends. Our exclusive marinization process ensures reliable, clean power no matter what your vessel requires.


The Northern Lights M12812 Series is that big power producer! Northern Lights’ revolutionary integrated base frame design creates the best looking power generation set on the market. Our optional sound enclosures and compound mounts save even more space and virtually eliminate vibration noise. Northern Lights provides maximize power efficiency while using minimal engine room space. Our M12812 sets are equipped with an Electronic Control Unit (ECU) for the ultimate system management and monitoring. The ECU controls the electronic engine functions and provides a SAE J1939 data stream of engine information that can be displayed on an optional system monitor panel. The superior generator ends achieve +/-0.5% voltage regulation. All have low temperature rise rating to meet or exceed marine requirements. All M12812 units have Permanent Magnet Generators for 300% short circuit capability required for classed vessels.


Northern Lights generator sets are thoroughly factory tested and go through a complete quality control program to ensure your satisfaction with the best built marine generator on the market today.


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